Why become a member?

In addition to the associativism that allows companies from the most diverse areas, stay united in order to create common goals and defend areas of interest, there are many advantages to becoming part of an association. The Unindústria is a civil non-profit association, set up at the national level, with the objective of bringing together the interests of the industries, companies, suppliers and agents that are part of the production chain of related activities, products and related to the members. Can became member with legal entities that directly or indirectly explore or contribute to industrialization activities, as well as those that supply them with inputs and services destined to production, in unlimited number of members. One of the main objectives of Unindústria is to promote the associative union and the collaboration between the industries and members. Join us! Be part of this great network of companies and industries, became a member.

What are the benefits to my company?

Becoming part of the Unindústria you will count on numerous benefits for your company, which will extend to employees, making them clients of our entire system. In this way, the services and advantages offered by Unindústria can be enjoyed by all members of your company or industry. in which the associate provides the dependents the national or regional plans, through a partnership with Unimed, which is the largest cooperative system of medical work in the world and also the largest healthcare network in Brazil; it also offers dental plans to members and their dependents; in the civil area provides legal advisory in which the associate will have the help of professionals for advice and clarification; also has as digital service available the digital certificates, that can be issued to individuals or legal entities, offering legal validity, in addition to the NF-e, the Digital Certificate issued for signing electronic invoices. Finally, by joining the Unindústria, you can participate in our training and Business Group Travels, where we already have a history of experiences exchanges in several countries such as Germany, China, the United States, France, Italy, Panama and Paraguay. Interested in joining? Contact us and learn more about all the benefits that Unindústria provides to you and your employees and become apart of our team!