Unindustria makes Unimed's regional and national plans available to its members. Unimed is the largest cooperative system of medical work in the world and also the largest healthcare network in Brazil, present in 84% of the national territory. He won, for 18 consecutive times, the health insurance premium that Brazilians most trust.

At the national level, the plan covers 116 thousand cooperative doctors, 2,445 accredited hospitals and 119 own hospitals, in addition to prompt assistance, laboratories and ambulances to guarantee the quality of the medical, hospital and complementary diagnosis services offered.

In addition to the extensive coverage, the health insurance plan includes:

  • 116 thousand cooperative doctors;
  • 119 own hospitals;
  • 2,445 accredited hospitals;
  • 17 million beneficiaries;
  • Diagnostic Clinics;
  • Clinical analysis laboratories;
  • Blood banks;
  • Ready care;
  • Ambulance;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Physiotherapy's clinic;
  • Occupational health;
  • Preventive medicine.