The Brazilian Association of Industries and Suppliers - Unindústria is a civil non-profit association, constituted at the national level, with the objective of gather the interests of the industries and agents that are part of the production chain of the members’ activities. Unindústria is headquartered in the city of Erechim, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Find out more

Our Mission

Promote the collective development of our associates.

Our vision

Be an agent of change in the focus of corporate development.

Our Values

  • Representation
  • Transparency
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation

The collective development is our commitment. We understand the particularities of each market and invest our efforts to bring the most modern and safe to all our members. In the Unindústria, the whole is greater than each part. Who wants to make the difference in this competitive world, knows that union is essential to gain strength and representativeness.


  • associated

    We offer solutions, facilitated and different development opportunities, through a network of cooperation, committed to progress.

  • the Society

    We promote the development of a sustainable corporate culture that is responsible for its surroundings, ensuring the progress and prosperity of the communities we are related to. ?

  • the Government

    We represent ideals of change and we are determined to cause a positive impact in our society, articulating the interests of our members against all public agencies.

  • the Strategic Partners

    We maintain a responsible relationship and ethical conduct in each action, seeking balance and development between both parts. ?