Unindústria offers a dental plan from the largest dental cooperative in Brazil and a vice-market leader: the Uniodonto. In Erechim, members and their employees can be assisted by dental surgeons in the Uniodonto clinic. Erechim has more than 15 dental surgeons available, with the most diverse specialties. Overall, approximately 20 thousand professionals provide services to Uniodonto network, providing care in their own dental offices in more than 1,300 cities in Brazil, in other words: being an Unindústria member and integrating the Uniodonto network, you can use the service in Erechim, at the Uniodonto clinic and in other cities in pre-approved and registered dental offices without Unindústria's exclusive convenant. The dental plan system is fully interconnected through a high technology infrastructure, allowing quick access to information, guidance and dental treatment. Already solid in the labor market, a Uniodonto has 3 million beneficiaries, of whom 95% are satisfied with the dental care provided.