Erechim Against Coronavirus Campaign delivers materials and equipment to hospitals.

Several Erechin entities have joined together to make the Erechim Against Coronavirus campaign feasible, which so far has raised R $ 282,085.08 (two hundred and eighty-two thousand, eighty-five reais and eight cents) in funds to be transferred to the city's hospitals.

Initially, these resources would be used for the purchase of respirators, however, given the difficulties encountered in the purchase of these devices, each hospital was asked to officially forward its needs to the committee responsible for the application of the resources.

With the letter in hand, the instituted committee held meetings in order to meet the requests of both hospitals.

The Fundação Hospitalar Santa Terezinha, purchased fabrics for making aprons in the amount of R $ 33,966.00, and 50,000 units of disposable surgical masks with nasal clips in the amount of R $ 86,000.00, totaling a transfer of R $ 119,966.00.

The Hospital de Caridade purchased 5 Multiparametric Monitors (Philips Efficia CM120 with ECG, SPO², PNI, FR and temperature), 01 stretcher for emergency transport (hydraulic, adjustable height, reverse trendelenburg, radio transport) and 05 reusable resuscitators . The amount allocated for acquisition and the budgets presented are close to what was agreed with both hospitals (R $ 120,000.00 - one hundred and twenty thousand reais)

It is important to note that the negotiations of both hospitals are still in progress, we will post here the records of PPE’s and other equipment purchased.

The entities that make up the movement are: ACCIE, ACCIE JOVEM, ACE - Association of Accountants of Erechim, CDL, CREDENOR, IAB, OAB, Social Observatory of Brazil, SEAE, SEBRAE, RURAL UNION, SICREDI UNIESTADOS, SINDILOJAS, SINDIVEST, UNIMED, UNINDÚSTRIA and URI.

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