Unindústria launches application

Thinking of facilitating interaction with its associates and the general public, Unindústria launched its application earlier this year, which aims to integrate all services between associates, partners and the community. The App is available for iOS and Android systems for free.

The application has areas such as "resume registration" and "job vacancies" where the whole community can access job vacancies made available by the more than 150 member companies of Unindústria or register their resume in our curriculum bank.


You can also access the Unindústria blog, which is updated with materials on management and business and a page with all events open to the public.


In the exclusive area of ??the associates, the benefits extend even further, with a forum for debates, space for buying and selling goods, registration of job vacancies and exclusive agenda.

Committed to development, Unindústria continues to create benefits and opportunities for everyone to strengthen their business networks.

Click here to download the APP on Android

Click here to download the APP on iOS




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