How to enter the job market

The labor market is constantly evolving. New technologies, changes in the way companies are managed, and emerging professions mark some of the changes. However, the selection process has not undergone major changes. To excel in a job interview, for example, there are some tips that, more than recommended, can help those looking for a new opportunity.
To help in this process, psychologist and coach Aline Dotta said that the most powerful tip during a job interview is to find evidence for strengths. "It's no use lying or cheating," he said. For her, when you are in need of a job, something that impacts on survival, people tend to do whatever it takes to get the job. However, she ponders that cheating is an illusion. "The ideal is to find a job where you can use the talent. In this way, the tasks will be performed more easily. "
In this sense, Aline stresses that the most precious tip is to know the strengths and talents that you have. This, according to her, has to do with self-knowledge. "It is necessary to know and recognize these characteristics. At the time of the interview the most precious tip is to seek evidence about these strengths. For example, if your strong point is organization, try to remember examples of situations in which your organization made a difference. Something that you, through your talent, contributed, organized and transformed, including your last job. "
When organizing the curriculum to apply for the position, Aline stresses that it is important to focus on the company that you want, seek to know the mission, vision, values, and the culture in which it is inserted. "I always say how important it is to open the site and set up the curriculum by looking at the website of the company that wants to work, for the vacancy it craves."
Register your CV in the Unindústria portal
Through the link, the Unindustria Portal provides a section so that interested people can register resumes in the database, which will be available for more than 100 members to have access. At the portal you can see which jobs are being advertised by the associates and register directly for the vacancy announced or leave your resume available for HR professionals to have access to.
Would you like to register? Check out the video below step by step and register your resume.

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