Meeting gave opportunity to exchange experiences of visits in Germany and Italy

Between April 23 and May 6, a group from Unindústria was participating in an international mission in Germany and Italy. The business trip made it possible for participants to visit the Hannover Fair and companies such as Benteler, which operates in the automotive sector, the largest ERP company in the world, SAP, which presents its solutions for production and industry 4.0 and the Mercedes manufacturing plant , in Bremen, among other companies in Italy.
In order to bring this experience to the associates, a meeting was held to talk about the functioning of these industries, which play a role close to that of the associated Unindustry in Brazil. It was an evening with information exchange and suggestions of action in the labor market.
According to the president of Cavaletti, Mário Cavaletti, this meeting also sought to arouse the interest for business trips of entrepreneurs with more time of management, as well as of this new wave of young entrepreneurs. "In the world, everything happens very fast, sometimes these trips are times when we are reluctant to go. It is a personal challenge, which adds to the integration and integration of youth, "he explained. For Cavaletti, in the dynamic world in which we live, being able to see things happening in loco makes it possible to perceive that we would hardly access that information by other means.
According to him, 4.0 industry and artificial intelligence, guidelines when thinking about technology and innovation, can easily be part of the reality of the companies and industries of Erechim. "Innovating is not synonymous with doing something great. Revolutions begin in small changes and you need to find out. In this sense, the new technologies that we have access come to the encounter of artificial intelligence, because the logic is: to take the physical effort of the human being and to substitute for the intellectual capacity. Not having more service so manual and having guys plan the machines, this is ideal, "said Cavaletti.
 Finally, Mário Cavaletti stressed that it is always necessary to be motivated to leave the comfort zone, to know new things. "Managers need to empower themselves and know that it is possible to change and innovate in the companies we have. You have to want to go and have attitude, because these trips bring many benefits, "he said.


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