Industry Day reflects changes needed for industrial growth and expansion

The resumption of growth and strengthening of companies is the theme of Industry Day, celebrated on May 25. Perhaps the scenario is not different from the last few years, however, the technological innovations of industry 4.0 provide a challenging scenario, focused on the changes marked by the contemporary world and offered in order to survive and thrive within the current competitive labor market. But, moreover, what marks the date is the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, which comes to offer autonomy in the day to day of the managers.
To understand a little of this new era, let us remember the 1st Industrial Revolution that marked the beginning of the steam engine, impelling the emergence of industries, which overlapped the then manufacturing work. The second, in turn, brought the production in series, among the advances of this time, we can highlight the electric power, the engine to the explosion, the improvement of means of communication with the emergence of telegraph and metallurgy. The 3rd Industrial Revolution is remembered for the advancement of science, technology, computer science, robotics and electronics. The 4th Industrial Revolution, however, is yet to come. It promises technological innovations and production in an autonomous way, in the sense that the factories will be intelligent enough to adapt and be able to plan production, maintenance, remote monitoring, cyber-physical systems and commands and so on.
Recently in an international mission in Germany and Italy, Unindustria opportunized that associated companies could know more about this new technological generation, which plays an important role in corporate competitiveness. This new scenario includes a wide range of changes. For the CEO of Unindústria, this is a great revolution that challenges managers to stay in constant updates to the competitive market. According to him, the industry that does not prepare for these technologies will suffer from international competition. "The big challenge is to get industry to be part of this technological revolution, especially with regard to artificial intelligence and the internet of things, today called industry 4.0. Production is also allied to this, since machines are artificial intelligence. Planning and engineering will be created by such equipment and in the near future the machines will be competing with human intelligence. Many of today's professions will be disappearing. It is good that people realize this and face this new challenge. Just as some professions will disappear, new ones will arise, which will require qualification and training, "explained the president of Unindústria.
In this sense and making a hook with the local industry, Badalotti emphasizes that it is necessary to resume growth and confidence on the part of the entrepreneur and the investor. He ponders that local industry has experienced a very timid rise earlier this year and that although it expects to slow growth, there is hope that this will be a good year. He links this to a few factors, such as world cup, presidential elections and court rulings of the lava-jet, which will be indicators to generate reliability or not from foreign investors. "It is they who leverage the economy and these investments from abroad will only come if the confidence index increases. This is inevitably tied to these events, "he explained.
For the president of Unindústria, another important point is "to seek from the organs a tax reform that allows us to be competitive with products coming from other countries. We need the cost of Brazil to decrease, whether through bureaucracy, licensing, infrastructure, etc. We have a high cost, which takes us out of the international market and reduces results, "he said.


May 25, Industry Day

Created in honor of Roberto Simonsen, who died on this date, in the year 1948, amid an activity in defense of the industry, marks a history lived in favor and in struggle for the industrial sector. Roberto created the São Paulo Industry Center (Ciesp), the Social Service of Industry (SESI), the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI) and the Free School of Sociology and Politics. During the 1930s and 1940s it was he who encouraged and encouraged Brazil to manufacture products that until then were imported from Europe and America.
Today, therefore, the Unindustry, which aims to bring together the interests of the industries and agents that are part of the chain of production of the activities of the associates, congratulates them, through their companies and industries that value quality work, generating employment, skilled workforce and a high quality end product. Congratulations to Industry Associates for Industry Day.


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