Unindustry group visits to Italian companies

The agenda in Germany made it possible for the Brazilian group of entrepreneurs to know a little more about the German business culture. In addition to the Hannover Fair, visits were made to the Benteler group's factory, which operates in the automotive sector; the world's largest ERP company, SAP, which presents its solutions for production and industry 4.0 and the Mercedes manufacturing plant in Bremen. After these guided tours, it was time to catch a flight bound for Italy.
On Wednesday, the group visited BLM Adige, a company located in Levico, one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture of laser cutting machines. On the same day, a visit was made to the company Azimut, located in Vicenza, which operates in the production of solar panels.
On Thursday, the 3rd, the international mission visited Italpanelli, one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture of thermo-insulating panels and tiles, used in various civil construction works. Italpanelli has manufacturing facilities in Italy, Germany and Spain.
According to the president of the Unindustry, Walmir Badalotti, these visits made it possible for the group to know equipment with the latest technology and a variety of products not yet used in civil construction in Brazil. "It is important to emphasize that we have been able to know processes of management and technological innovation, which are providing a significant transformation, especially in the production process, denominated industry 4.0. We know that we have a long way to go and a great challenge to implement this innovation and technology offered by the contemporary world, but with a lot of commitment and perseverance we must work to also insert ourselves in this new global context, "he said.

International Mission
Brastelha, Wtec, Cavaletti, Fermatec and Unindústria are participating in the international mission promoted by the Unions. The objective of the mission is to provide Brazilian companies with the prospection of new technologies and international partners, as well as to promote the absorption of innovative experiences in their respective segments.


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