Unindustria Group visits Mercedes and SAP in Germany

The schedule of visits to know the tendencies of the industrial market continues intense for the group of Unindustria, that follows in Germany. The schedule of Thursday, the 26th, was visited by Mercedes and SAP. The two guided circuits are part of the Hannover Industrial Fair, considered the main international event of technology and transformation in the industry.
The group's first visit showed in practice the industry 4.0, where entrepreneurs were able to meet the largest ERP company in the world, SAP, which presents its solutions for production and industry 4.0. At the opportunity, a practical example was presented to the participants, through a bottle, in which it was presented from the design, manufacturing, bottling, logistics to final consumer service.

The second visit of the day came at the Mercedes plant in Bremen. The group followed a film about the company and visited the manufacture of bodywork and final assembly of vehicles of the models Mercedes-Benz class C, coupe, convertibles of class E, sports SL and SLC, besides the pick-up GLC. The origin of Mercedess-Benz refers to the year 1883 with the patent registration of the world's first combustion engine by Gottlieb Daimler, and 1886 with the patent for 'automobile' with three wheels and combustion engine by Carl Friedrich Benz.
According to Walmir Badalotti, the President of Unindustria, the Hannover Fair is bringing great references to be put into practice in Brazil. "The industrial revolution is increasingly present. The digital connection and the new technologies are part of our daily life and we managers need to adapt to this new reality. The machines are taking over and we are seeing this in practice here in Germany. During our visit to SAP, we were able to observe steps to be followed in the practical examples we had, such as digitized engineering, digitized manufacturing and digitized customer service. Certainly this international mission, promoted by the Unindustry, has already exceeded our expectations, "he said.

Next destination: Italy

The Hannover Fair ends on Friday, the 27th. Soon after, the group will make visits to companies and business entities in the region of Veneto / Italy with a focus on the profile of the participating group. 


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