Mission will bring companies to know the business culture of Germany and Italy

Focused on stimulating international partnerships through the traditional business meetings, Unindústria will hold from April 23 to May 6 another business mission.

This time, the destination will be Germany and Italy. The business trip will allow participants to visit the Hannover Messe in Hannover / Germany, which confirms its role as the main world trade fair for industrial technology. All major technologies and core areas of the industry such as research and development, industrial automation, IT, industrial supply, production technologies and services for energy and mobility technologies can be found in the Hannover Messe.

Visits will be made to companies and business entities in the region of Veneto / Italy with a focus on the profile of the participating group. In addition to companies, two visits to business associations are planned on the agenda, located in Italy. Both play a role close to that of Unindustry in Brazil. In this way, the objective is to be able to exchange information and suggestions for action in the labor market.

"We believe that the visits to the associations, located in Italy, will be an enriching exchange. We will bring new ideas to the Unindustry, since we will be in contact with associations of entrepreneurs, whose objective is to help and protect the interests of associated companies. In addition, this experience will allow us to expand the range of services in all areas of business management and personnel training, as well as to increase political, economic, industrial and social relations, "explained President Walmir Badalotti.

In addition to the Hannover Messe and the visits to the associations, there will be visits to some companies that develop services and businesses in the same branches of the participants, aiming to bring future partnerships, exchange of technologies and people, supply of raw materials, and process improvements, broadening horizons and bringing new ways of looking at the labor market.

Badalotti will also be participating in this international mission, representing Unindústria and Brastelha, company in which he acts as director. In addition to this, will be participating directors and employees of the companies Wtec, Cavaletti and Fermatec.

Photos: Press Release Hannover Messe / Fair 2017


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