Mission will lead group to meet Paraguayan industries

With the tradition of carrying out large and important missions throughout the year, Rede Metal starts 2017 focused on stimulating international partnerships through the traditional business meetings.

The first mission this year will be Paraguay, a country in which the factors of production are largely advantageous to the industrial, such as the single tax only at the exit of the good exported, energy cost 70% lower than Brazil, taxation in the 65% lower salary and no taxation on industry income.

Although it has a very short distance between the country of origin and the destination country, only 11km, the advantages exceed the few kilometers, which open doors to new ideas and market visions focused on a competitive infrastructure, a stable and favorable policy environment market, as well as a growth of 3.5% per year.


The international mission will take place from June 20 to 25, 2017 and the benchmarking agendas for industries and / or institutions in Paraguay will be structured according to the profile of the group that will be enrolled in the mission. The package includes ground transportation, lodging, advice and translation for the group during meetings and visits.

The strategic agendas have a meeting in an important accounting office in Asunción, focused on knowing the legislation and tax exemptions offered by the Paraguayan government, as well as meetings with local authorities on the Paraguayan policies for the development of industries in the country.


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