Quality management with focus on results is the theme of course

In order to improve the performance and excellence of the companies, ACCIE and Unindústria, in partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral and CEDEM - Consultoria e Educação Empresarial, bring the PDD, a management training program, to Erechim, which focuses on the training of teams in the fields of strategy, marketing, finance, people, projects and processes, considered fundamental of a management.

The Management Development Program seeks to integrate the contents of these six management fields, with a focus essentially practical and applied to the day-to-day reality of companies and their managers. To this end, the course is intended for managers and managers of the companies, who are responsible for managing the organization, defining and implementing goals and managing the desired results.

The course aims to improve the quality of management with a focus on results. Therefore, the objective is that the knowledge acquired during the lessons seek to understand the ability to properly practice the mechanisms of results management, to raise awareness of the need to adapt posture, attitude and perception, in order to become entrepreneurs , besides providing knowledge to act as "a professional who acts and thinks as if he owns the business", within the perspective and principles of entrepreneurship.

In total, the program will be divided into six modules, which must take place between May and December, with two classes per month, totaling 96 hours per class. There will be 12 full days of activities that will take place at Casa Del Pino. The class is limited to 38 participants and this program is focused on the companies associated with ACCIE and Unindústria, with vacancies for the general public through the telephone contact (54) 2106-5982.


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