Associated companies will participate in the Industrial Research and Development Program

In the afternoon of yesterday (12), the official delivery of the routes of the companies participating in the Research and Industrial Development Program, a partnership between the Integrated Regional University (URI - Campus Erechim) and Unindústria, took place in the URI - Erechim auditorium. This act was part of the launch of the III International Congress of Management, Technology and Innovation (CONIGTI), which takes place from October 2 to 8, and encompasses three areas of knowledge: Engineering and Computer Science, Exact and Earth Sciences and Social Sciences Applied.

The program's proposal is to use university knowledge for the development of industry and find solutions to small challenges to advance development. Therefore, the associated companies Wtec, Pili Hidráulicos, Brastelha and PlaxMetal will be participating.

At the opportunity, the CEO of Unindustria, Walmir Badalotti, representing the four associates, took the floor to emphasize that academia is a great link for companies to acquire knowledge. "The competitive market to which we are inserted is very demanding. Every day, we face a new challenge and innovation comes our way. Therefore, we believe that this partnership is of extreme importance in which we have the opportunity to do what the innovation theme can, in fact, happen within the companies. We know how difficult it is to innovate, because sometimes we are worried about the demands of everyday life. I understand, then, that the area of ??knowledge is what makes the difference within a company. We are happy to be part of this project, "stressed Badalotti.

Among the proposals of work of the Program of Research and Industrial Development is the creation of interaction groups and relationship between the researchers and the company, in order to discuss short, medium and long term improvements; discuss and implement specific improvement work and / or technical services / analysis in the first stage of the program; discussing and formatting improvement plans that would be the subject of incremental and / or radical innovations and, with the format plans, jointly discuss the origin of resources to cope with the execution of the projects, being it possible for companies, the University and external sources.


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