Strategic management guided the debates of the first PDD module

Two days dedicated to thinking about strategic management: this was the first module of the Leadership Development Program, which had the first meetings on Friday and Saturday, both taught by Dom Cabral Foundation professor, Isabel Crego.

Aiming to give a systemic view of the business, focusing on strategies, the teacher Isabel brought to the participants of the PDD the importance of managers to always think in the long term and never in the immediacy. The subject happened from a debate that analyzed how much the external environment, be it political, economic or social, influence in the performance of the businesses.

According to Isabel, strategic management is the part of management that takes care of the organization's future, performance and the external environment, in a much broader and different way from operational management, for example, which many companies and industries are accustomed to . Thus, some tools and analyzes were raised by the teacher, who had as objective to take the managers of the routine of the day to day, to think in the solution of problems and to focus in the area of ??management that, according to her, is the beginning of a discussion that generates changes in the organization.

"Strategy takes care of the business as a whole. The organization must conduct change and adapt to the external environment. Nowadays, for example, we can not organize our work as we have been doing. We need to adapt to this whole turbulence. I made an effort to take managers from day to day and think outside the organization, in the position of customers, in the sector to which many participate and from a greater knowledge of these aspects, are identifying the possibility of change and suitability of their business to the environment and current moment, "stressed Isabel.

With good public, from industries and companies, the PDD filled a part of the hall of the House Del Pino. Satisfied and engaged in the new strategies, the managers and employees were attentive in every tip of Professor Isabel. The financial director of Pili Hidráulicos, Marcia Pili, stressed that being able to participate in a training program carried out by the Dom Cabral Foundation is already a source of pride and satisfaction. For her, the subject approached gave opportunities for reflection and important analyzes, which are not perceived day-to-day. "The first module was excellent. We can realize how much we should be concerned with external and internal "signals", so that we manage focused on deeper analyzes, that can help us in making decisions, guaranteeing the success of our companies, which should be the real role of managers. I congratulate Unindústria for the initiative to bring great names to our city and to provide us with unique opportunities like this, helping in the qualification for expansion and the development of our region ", emphasized the director.

Leadership Development Program

The PDD is the result of a partnership between ACCIE and Unindústria, together with the FDC school and Consulting and Business Education (CEDEM). The program seeks to integrate the contents of the six fields of management (strategy, marketing, finance, people, projects and processes), with a focus essentially practical and applied to the day to day reality of companies and their managers. The course aims to improve the quality of management with a focus on results. Therefore, the objective is that the knowledge acquired during the lessons seek to understand the ability to properly practice the mechanisms of results management, to raise awareness of the need to adapt posture, attitude and perception, in order to become entrepreneurs , besides providing knowledge to act as "a professional who acts and thinks as if he owns the business", within the perspective and principles of entrepreneurship


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