Walmir Badalotti is elected president of the

Thinking about the dynamism of the current market, the need to keep developing, cooperating and committing to the changes that occur in the business universe, the industries and their suppliers, since March 15, have a new association: Unindústria. It arose from a restructuring of the former Metal Network, with the objective of being able to include companies from other segments in its associates, in addition to the expansion of its area of ??operation at national level. Thus, last Thursday (29), the election of the first directorate that will be at the head of the Unindustry was held for the next triennium, 2017 - 2019, at a general meeting held at the association's headquarters.

The businessman and owner of Brastelha, Walmir Badalotti took office as the company's president, along with four other vice-presidents, representing each sector within the association, being: Metal, represented by the businesswoman Márcia Pili, Business, represented by businessman Rafael Weinmann Vieira, Transport, represented by the businessman Douglas Giaretta Sitnieski and Clothing, represented by businessman Evaldo Anziliero. Entrepreneur Ronaldo Bodanese was ahead of the finance industry, responding as chief financial officer.

The president-elect, Walmir Badalotti, pointed out that the objective of this new board goes far beyond that each one represents its sectors. "We are going to the pursuit of development beyond every area that the Unindustry covers, we are committed to that, in view of the demands of the contemporary world." This restructuring of Metal Network for Unindustry was highlighted by Badalotti in a positive way, since, according to him, this is an evolution that brings new companies, from the most diverse segments, to incorporate the new idea of ??the market. "Our new proposal is to evolve with cooperation. For this, we, Unindústria, are focused on establishing partnerships, managing and advising businesses, stimulating national and international actions, representing the collective rights of associates and pleading for the concession of public policies, "he explained.


Today, the association has 93 associated companies, which integrate companies from the metal, transportation, business and clothing sectors. The new Unindústria board of directors was unanimously elected by the presidents, with a mandate from July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019, thus:

DIRECTORY - President Director: Walmir Badalotti, vice president of Metal: Marcia Beatris Pili, vice president of Business: Rafael Weinmann Vieira, vice president of transportation: Douglas Giaretta Sitnieski, Vice President Apparel: Evaldo Anziliero and Chief Financial Officer: Ronaldo Enderli Bodanese.

ADVISORY BOARD - titular director: Antonio Carlos Carbonari Junior, titular director: Ezidio Zorzi, titular director: Mario Luiz Cavaletti and titular director: Sidnei Antonio Simionato.

FISCAL COUNCIL - Chairman: Valmir Antonio Tressi, effective director: Reginaldo José Bólis, effective director: Marli Eliane Testolin, substitute prosecutor: Martinho Claudio Arndt, alternate member: André Faversani Marcolin


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