Conversation x evaluation: the power of words

The third edition of the Café na Unindustria brought to the agenda the power of words. Under the direction of psychologist and coach Aline Dotta, the professionals linked to People Management of the associated companies were able to add knowledge and understand a little more about the behavior of the people at the time of the selection, as well as the importance of knowing and using words of motivation .

Aline introduced the subject explaining the importance of using certain words, with science and strategically. According to the psychologist, it is always better for managers to show their employees the challenges rather than the difficulties. Although different, the words "challenge" and "difficulty" evoke the same sense, but the way one of them is used can bring more trust when used. "When we think of the words challenge and difficulty, in bringing a different situation, it is preferable that it be seen as a challenge, rather than as a difficulty. This is the power of the words to which I refer, "he explained.

In this same way, the speaker brought another very common example in the day to day of people: the word "but". According to Aline, anything that comes after the "but" in a sentence, is usually nullified. She explains with a classic example: "He's smart, but ...". As a solution, a number of other words can be used to replace this expression, but the latter however, however, however. Another classic example is the word "no". When they say to the person "not think of a pink elephant", for example, the person soon thinks about what was mentioned to "not think". That is, instead of using phrases such as "do not take it", it is always preferable to use the positive form of it, that is, "leave there". For Aline, these examples brought show the power that words have when we express ourselves. "We should seek to take negativism out of words whenever possible. Words of motivation are very important in people's daily lives. Words of authority discourage both who is speaking and who listens, "she explained.

According to the psychologist, powerful words are those that echo gentleness, education, sympathy and respect. Therefore, it is fundamental to seek, whenever possible, to replace words that bring a sense of denial by positive, making the day and environment in which one is, if one lives and works, one that is more pleasant.

This is the third meeting held in the Unindustry, which includes a program of five lectures that will be held during the year 2017. The first lecture aimed to sensitize participants with knowledge of psychology, neuroscience and coaching that provide a new look at how people become organizations. The second lecture focused on giving tips and suggestions on how to hire talent.


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