Rede Metal is restructured and becomes known as Unindústria

Thinking about the dynamism of the business market, the Association, formerly known as Rede Metal, underwent a restructuring that will allow companies from other segments to be included in their membership. The entity, through its board of directors, boards and partner companies, felt the need for an evolution and expansion of its region of operation. This change aims at the maturation of an entity that has 90 associated companies and a history of 12 years of work in the region. Through this evolution, it is opening up space for other companies to integrate this important group of industries and service providers nationwide. On March 15, this change became official through the holding of the extraordinary general meeting of the association, which approved the rewriting of the entity's by-laws and brand change. The unanimous approval of the representatives of the associates at the event allowed the then Metal Network to be known as Unindústria. Through it, a proposal is presented so that the companies look for development, cooperation and commitment, aiming at the demands of the contemporary world. Unindustry reaches the market with the objective of establishing partnerships, managing and advising businesses, stimulating national and international actions, representing the collective rights of associates and pleading for the concession of public policies. The action plan is already being put into practice. It is an evolution that brings companies from other segments to incorporate this new idea.


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