Import and export: legal care

Brazil is the largest partner of the South American countries, not only in terms of numbers but also in business. However, the main partners in Brazil remain Argentina and Paraguay, due to the proximity and repressed demand, and countries with great potential such as Colombia and Chile, are relegated (in general) to spot opportunities, and these still have great potential both in high technology products and consumer products in general. Within South America, there are still countries such as Venezuela and Ecuador, which, due to excessive government control, have higher operating risks and values ??than the others, which momentarily diminishes the interest of international businessmen.
Brazil is one of the most complex countries with the greatest tax burden when it comes to imports in the world. In this sense, there is a diversity of legal and tax locks for this type of operation, such as legalization of the company's release for import, legislation in force for logistics, purchase and marketing of imported products, volume and other complexities that, sometimes, energy and time for this operation ends up discouraging business to this operation.
In export, on the other hand, due to the interest of both business and government, the processes are less time consuming and less complex, however, a little more bulky than the domestic market. Thus, researching a lot in class entities and using the advisory network in international trade and accounting offices, greatly mitigates the risk for those who want to be internationalized.
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