Export and import: a potential to be explored

It is always an arduous and complex task to find new markets. Working in the international market, for example, is a desire of many companies and it is natural that managers have questions about what are the best ways to import and export their products. With this in mind, Antonio Carlos Carbonari Junior, chairman of the consultative board of the industry and owner of Deholog, explained a little more about this process.

According to Carbonari, there is no difference whether the company will operate abroad or in Brazil, since the challenge becomes greater when the commercial system has not yet been set up. In the more traditional case, for import and export, some entry routes go through large groups, which must question the internationalization of companies: need for scarce raw materials; price instability in the domestic market; overproduction and non-absorption in the domestic market; specificity of services or products and expansion plan contemplating the process of opening the international market.

In foreign trade, Carbonari highlights some sources that can be used quickly, such as government websites, for example Ministry of Industry and Trade and Brasil Export., Which can direct through economic data on the countries to which it intends to explore. internationalization of the company. Another interesting mechanic developed by the Foreign Trade Secretariat is the Commercial Radar. This tool makes it possible to analyze and query data related to export and import in various countries. “This site guides companies in selecting markets and products with the greatest potential for business opportunities in various parts of the world. We can not forget entities like Apex, which can guide the entrepreneur, including the search for customers abroad, ”he explained.

Apart from these tips, web and specialized magazines can give an additional way to the business owner. However, Carbonari points out that these are initial tools in the process. More effectively, participating in international events and fairs has better results, especially if they are in your prospecting area, both exhibiting and visiting. All this operation, according to him, greatly advances the process of internalization because it investigates potential business partners, distributors, end consumers, as well as opportunity to view trends and competitors of the intended market.

In this sense, missions such as those directed by the Unindustry are fundamental for those who want to enter the international market. Integrating a well-built business mission, in addition to opening new business, also provides unparalleled new business opportunities. “In the end, a path that is widely used in international prospecting is compay trading, where international representatives, through commissioning, can quickly and cost-effectively open the operations of companies seeking access to foreign trade,” he explained.

Are you interested in this or would you like to know more about Unindustry's international missions and how they work? Make contact with us! We conduct business trips through national and international fairs and you can attend the next one. In the video below, you can check out other tips that the chairman of the advisory board gives on international trade, addressing the issue of technology and product quality.


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