Code of Conduct and Internal Regulations as compliance tools


Having a Compliance program at the company allows you to identify, advise, alert, monitor and report compliance risks. That is, the risk of receiving sanctions for legal or regulatory violations, suffering financial losses or losses of reputation.

One of the pillars of the Compliance Program are the Policies and Codes of Conduct, which express the organization's ethics, integrity and transparency, and also define the expected behavior of all those who directly or indirectly relate to it. In the video above and in the e-book available, the Legal Adviser of Unindustry talks more about the topic. Subjects such as:

  • Differences between the Code of Conduct and the Company's Internal Rules
  • Reasons for drafting a Code of Conduct and an Internal Regulation of the Company
  • Important subjects to be written in the two documents
  • Risks of using models taken from the internet.

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