Ebook: Everything you need to know to adapt your company to the LGPD


The General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13,709 / 2018) ensures the right to privacy and the protection of personal data, defining a set of rights for data subjects and establishing parameters regarding how data may be collected, processed, stored and discarded, providing for the application of penalties for non-compliance.

One of the effects of LGPD is on the competitiveness of companies. To remain on the market, it will be essential to comply with data protection legislation. We approached the topic in a training for our associates and compiled the main topics to make available in this ebook.

You'll find questions like:

Motivations for the implementation of LGPD in Brazil;

  • How to adapt companies to the LGPD;
  • Difference between sensitive and personal data;
  • Legal bases for the use and treatment of data;
  • Penalties for non-compliance with the law;
  • The role of IT in the process of adapting to the law.

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